The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado and the Jubilee Ministry

Jubilee Ministry is a network of more than 600 ministries around the United States and in 13 countries, including the 29 in Colorado.  Some are based at parishes and some are not, but we’re all affiliated in some way with the Episcopal Church.

Jubilee Ministries grew out of a resolution passed by the Episcopal Church’s 1982 General Convention that called on Episcopalians everywhere to do more to battle poverty and injustice, and committed the church to make that happen.

Today, Jubilee Ministries run food banks and soup kitchens, operate homeless shelters, plant community gardens, visit inmates, provide access to health care and affordable housing, set up tutoring programs, teach English to newcomers and job skills to the unemployed.  In short, these ministries reach out to and advocate for the needy and oppressed wherever and however they can.  They rely on the energy, generosity and goodwill of volunteers and donors to continue these works of justice and hospitality.

Caring Ministries of Morgan County is one of the 29 Jubilee Ministries.

Caring Ministries is the service arm of many of the churches and the community of Morgan County.  Through their support and additional grants, its mission is to provide the essentials to individuals and families who need support in rough economic times.  This organization provides food and case management (including senior commodities), shelter for the homeless, rental and utility assistance and through their food pantry and second hand clothing store, assist many with the basics of life.  They provide school supplies in the fall, and toys and food baskets to families during the holidays.

Saint Charles was one of the initial churches, along with several community leaders, to create Caring Ministries in Morgan County.  For over 25 years it has provided hope and assistance to thousands.  The first and longtime director was Kathy Thompson, a parishioner here at Saint Charles.  Our liaison now and current board member is Timmy Fritzler as we continue our support this center for essential services.

Each month the members of Saint Charles bring a variety of items to the church as part of our on-going support of this vital ministry. Wha

For information or inquiries, please contact:    Timmy Fritzler      [email protected]